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A Full Range of Garage Services Including Car Servicing in Gillingham & Rainham | Motor Mobile

On this page, we’ve looked to provide some more information on the garage services we provide motorists around the Rainham and Gillingham areas. Should you have a question regarding the below, or you need car repair, car servicing, vehicle diagnostics or MOT tests on the double, call the Motor Mobile team right away on 01634 377 229 or 07860 780 116.

Our Services Explained

Car Repair – Our team of friendly, qualified mechanics are experienced in all aspects of car repair. Whether you are experiencing trouble with your engine, steering, brakes, clutch or any other component whatsoever, we’ll be able to help. We offer mobile car repair to all clients within a 10 mile radius of the Rainham and Gillingham area, or can carry out the repairs at our garage (offering free collection and delivery). Our garage is equipped with all the latest diagnostics equipment, so if you’re in any way unsure what’s wrong with your vehicle, don’t fret – we’ll be able to get to the bottom of it in no time at all. All the parts we use for car repair come with a 12 month warranty, and we make sure our prices are always better than those offered by providers of garage services around Rainham and Gillingham. To learn more about the car repair work we carry out, please navigate to our dedicated Car Repair & Servicing page.

Car Servicing – Regular car servicing is an essential park of keeping a vehicle safe to drive and well looked after.  It reduces the chance you’ll suffer a breakdown and require expensive car repair, and also ensures you’ll pass MOT testing first time round (if you service you vehicle in the run up to the test). The process sees our expert mechanics inspect and test your vehicle’s vital components (interim car servicing), and less vital components (full car servicing) to ensure things are working as intended. To find out what gets checked during car servicing, and why it’s so valuable and important to regularly invest in, please click through to our Car Repair & Servicing page, which carries all this information and more.

MOT Tests – You are required by law to ensure your vehicle undergoes annual MOT tests, which judge whether it is safe for the road. Many around Rainham and Gillingham see MOT tests as an arduous and stressful experience they’d rather avoid, but Motor Mobile is set on making the process as quick and painless as possible. What’s more, our prices are extremely affordable when compared with many other providers of MOT tests around the Gillingham and Rainham areas, another reason not to start fretting when the deadline looms closer!

Engine Tuning & Conversions – Looking to squeeze some extra power out of your engine? We can finely tune it to your specifications, optimising it beyond factory default settings. This can improve fuel efficiency and performance significantly. Engine tuning is not just for Gillingham and Rainham’s “petrol heads”, but for any driver who wants to enjoy a more responsive drive while saving money at the pump. Another one of the garage services we provide is carrying out engine conversions, placing a new/improved engine into your vehicle to replace an old or inferior one.

Tyre Changes – Our garage can change your tyres if you’ve suffered a puncture or similar structural damage, or if your tread depth is running dangerously low. Please keep in mind that while the UK minimum depth is 1.6mm, most vehicle manufacturers and experts recommend that you replace them a bit before this, as the more tread depth you have on your tyres, the faster you’ll stop in an emergency situation or wet weather. We have premium tyres, budget tyres and tyres falling between the two, so be sure to visit our garage next time you need a change.

Vehicle Diagnostics – Motor Mobile’s Rainham garage is stocked with high-tech equipment for vehicle diagnostics that can suss out what might be ailing your engine. If your car has been running poorly recently, or it’s been making odd and troublesome noises, bring it in to us. We’ll be able to quickly ascertain what the issue is and carry out any required garage services, like car repair or car servicing, to get your engine running optimally.

VW Restoration – One of our areas of speciality you won’t find at the average garage services provider, is restoring Volkswagens for passionate fans of the classic manufacturer around Gillingham and Rainham. If you have a cherished VW that has seen better days, bring it to us and we’ll get it in full working order and looking utterly fantastic in no time at all. Our team are expert welders, and can work on sprucing up your VW’s bodywork, as well as its inner workings. After we’re done, we can even carry out MOT tests to ensure they’re road-ready and road-legal!

Air Conditioning – It’s a good idea to get your air conditioning serviced every 18 months to 2 years, as over time, air-con gas drains out of your system meaning it works less and less effectively. On top of this, a lot of dirt and bacteria can build up in your system, presenting a health hazard. We can service your air conditioning to ensure it’s working at full capacity, while cleaning out all the gunk that’s accumulated.

Breakdown Recovery – Broken down around the Rainham or Gillingham area? Give Motor Mobile a call! We can rescue your vehicle and bring it to our garage for car repair. Unlike many other companies within the area, we won’t charge you a recovery fee. We’ll carry out the essential vehicle diagnostics, then if it’s a serious issue that needs extensive car repair, you can leave your vehicle with us and we’ll drop it off at your home once we’ve finished our work. We’ll keep you up to speed throughout the process, so you’re never in the dark about what we’re doing and when you can expect to be back in the driver’s seat.

For more on the above services, please navigate to our Car Repair & Servicing or MOT tests pages, or call our Rainham garage on 01634 377 229.