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Two staples that most garages around Gillingham and Rainham offer are car repair and car servicing. But not every garage offers these services to the same standard. At Motor Mobile, we market ourselves not just on our friendly and personable approach to customer service, but our sheer commitment to providing the best possible mechanical assistance we can to each and every customer. We’re not like a big chain garage or dealership that takes a “one-size-fits-all” approach to automotive work, and tries to get as many customers in and out their door as fast as possible.


It’s our aim to provide quality advice and affordable car repair/car servicing to Gillingham and Rainham motorists, at a fraction of the price offered by larger competitors in the garage services industry. Below, we’ve run through how our car repair and car servicing offerings may be able to help you. We urge you to contact us on 01634 377229 or 07860 780116 should you have any questions for us whatsoever.

Competitively Priced Car Servicing

There are many advantages that regularly investing in car servicing can afford motorists around the Rainham and Gillingham areas. Firstly, regular car servicing ensures that a vehicle is safe for the road, checking on the state of vital features like brakes and suspension. The saying goes that you “can’t put a price on your health”, and we believe that car servicing is both extremely affordable and a wise investment for anyone looking to safeguard themselves, passengers and other road users.


Secondly, car servicing can actually save you money by identifying issues early on and preventing the need for costly car repair down the line. It also saves you money at the pump, as it can improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. The final two reasons we recommend our Rainham and Gillingham clients come in for car servicing is that it can prolong the lifespan of your vehicle. What’s more, it will pay off if you ever decide to sell your car on. A well-looked after car is certainly more valuable than one which has been long-neglected.

But what is checked during car servicing, you might ask? The full extent of what you receive depends upon whether you opt for full car servicing or an interim service. While the full annual checklist is fairly extensive and exhaustive (and available to look at upon request), here are a few of the essential things we’ll do during both an interim and full service:

• Drain engine oil and refill

• Replace oil filter

• Check for oil leaks

• Inspect cambelt

• Check clutch operation

• Check gearbox operation

• Top-up clutch fluid if required

• Check exterior lights and horn

• Check battery condition

• Check dashboard warning lights

• Top-up power steering fluid

• Check steering and suspension

• Inspect wheel bearings

• Test shock absorbers

• Inspect exhaust system

• Check brake pads, discs and callipers

• Inspect wheel cylinders

• Check brake hydraulic system

• Check handbrake system

• Top-up brake fluid if required

• Check tyres and wheels

• Inspect windscreen and wipers

We can provide car servicing not just for domestic vehicles, but all light commercial vehicles. So if you drive something with a bit of weight behind it, don’t hesitate to bring it into our garage when you next require car repair, car servicing or an MOT!

Car Repair Experts

If you’re in or around the Rainham or Gillingham area and your car is not performing like it used to, or you’re experiencing an automotive emergency, then we can provide speedy diagnostics and car repair at highly competitive prices. We have all the latest diagnostics equipment at our Rainham garage, and can quickly get to the bottom of any issues that have you scratching your head or pounding your steering wheel in frustration. We’re also expert welders and can undertake any needed repairs to a vehicle’s bodywork.


All the parts we use for car repair come with 12 month guarantees, as we only use quality components and refuse to employ the notorious “shady garage” tactic of using budget ones to improve margins. So whether you’re experiencing a common issue, or you’re entirely unsure what the problem is, be sure to give our garage a call.


We can carry out many forms of car repair on the spot, at your property. Alternatively, we can collect your vehicle from any location within a 10 mile radius of Rainham and Gillingham. Then we’ll take it to our garage, carry out the car repair, and deliver it back to a place of your choosing as and when it’s convenient for you. We’ll be sure to keep you updated throughout the whole process, so you’re at no point confused about the status of your vehicle and when you can expect to be back in the driver’s seat. We can fix problems with:

• Brakes

• Clutches

• Steering

• Tyres

• Wheels

• Suspension

• Engine

• Electronics

• Air conditioning

• Exhausts

• Bodywork

• All other vehicle components

Require urgent car repair or car servicing in or around Rainham or Gillingham?  Call our garage services provider on 01634 377 229 or 07860 780 116.