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While some people get lucky and never suffer the misfortune of a breakdown, most Rainham motorists will experience one at some point in their lives, even if they invest in regular car servicing. We’ve long been attending to these situations as part of our comprehensive range of garage services, providing breakdown recovery not just in Rainham, but throughout all surrounding areas (e.g Gillingham).


As our name suggests, we also specialise in mobile car repair, fixing some minor issues by the roadside or in a driveway to ensure our clients face minimum disruption to their daily routine. But we also carry out everyday vehicle diagnostics and annual MOT tests at our Rainham garage, so whatever it is you need, give us a call on 01634 377 229 or 07860 780 116.


In this blog post, we’ve run through some of the most common causes for breakdown. We hope this will help our Rainham customers keep aware of potential hazards and identify emerging issues before they become a serious problem and cause your vehicle to come to a shuddering stop. If you’re more interested in booking garage services like car repair, vehicle diagnostics, MOT tests or car servicing at our Rainham garage, give us a call on 07860 780 116.

The 5 Most Common Causes of a Car Breakdown

Dead / Low Battery – Easily the most common cause of breakdown is a dead or low battery. This can be because you left your lights or radio on overnight accidentally, the alternator is failing to charge the battery, battery terminals have corroded, a bad cell is present, or simply because it’s gotten rather old. Replacing or recharging a dead/low battery is one of the simplest aspects of car repair, and one that we can provide by the roadside, but it’s still an inconvenience if you can’t start your car and you have places to be. Be careful and double check your lights aren’t on when leaving your vehicle, and be sure to charge your battery regularly. We’ll check it during routine car servicing at our Rainham garage, so also be sure to adhere to your manufacturer’s service schedule, as outlined in your vehicle’s handbook.


Flat / Blown Tyre – Another highly common cause for breakdown is a flat or blown tyre. These are often unavoidable, as small and sharp objects in the road might penetrate your tyre without you even noticing. Our Rainham mechanics, who specialise in mobile car repair, can quickly replace tyres at the side of the road so you can get to your destination without too much of a delay. But to avoid this issue in the first place, ensure your tyres have over the minimum tread depth of 1.6mm, and are pumped up to the correct tyre pressure (this is something we can do during routine car servicing).


Overheated Engine – A slightly more serious issue is an overheated engine. This is often caused by a failure within your car’s cooling system, or because your cooling fluid level has fallen too low. To reduce the likelihood of overheating, keep a check on your coolant, brake, washer and transmission fluids, in addition to your engine oil (which is topped up during both interim and full annual car servicing). This is especially important when spates of warmer weather hit Rainham.


Clutch Problems – Both a worn-out clutch plate and a broken cable can cause clutch failure, and resultantly, a breakdown. Neither issue is a particularly expensive form of car repair, but as the clutch isn’t checked during car servicing it’s important that Rainham motorists pay attention to any possible warning signs, like strange noises or a change in how the clutch feels when used, and to visit us for vehicle diagnostics ASAP. We also recommend clients use the handbrake rather than riding their clutch when static and on an incline, as this will help prevent it getting worn out. Keep in mind significant clutch issues will almost always cause failed MOT tests.


Wrong Fuel – Many are embarrassed when they have to call out a car repair / car servicing company because they’ve filled their vehicle with the wrong fuel, but you’d be surprised how often it happens in and around the Rainham area (providers of garage services encounter it constantly). Pre-coffee and on the phone, it can be easy to grab the wrong handle and not question it until you’ve heard a strange noise and find yourself grinding to a halt. So don’t be embarrassed! Be careful, but if this does occur don’t hesitate to call us up for fast and affordable breakdown recovery.

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