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Have a burning question for the Motor Mobile team? Read on! Here we’ve answered a handful of queries our Rainham garage regularly receives from customers regarding our garage services. While they cover certain aspects of car repair, vehicle diagnostics, car servicing and MOT tests, you may find your question isn’t answered here (or involves one of the other garage services we provide.

If that’s the case, pick up the phone and give us a call on 01634 377 229 or 07860 780 116. A friendly member of team, which is made up of highly experienced and professional mechanics, will be more than happy to help you.

Motor Mobile – Rainham FAQ

What happens if I fail my MOT?


If you fail MOT tests, it’s not the end of the world. Following further vehicle diagnostics, our team will explain to you exactly what part of the MOT checklist you fell short on, and suggest the quickest, easiest and most affordable way of rectifying the issue. As we offer all the essential garage services to this end, you won’t need to head elsewhere and can resultantly keep costs down.


Sometimes it’s just a case of making an on-the-spot car repair then re-testing the vehicle. If there are a number of problems that prevent you from passing MOT tests (this is rare), we may recommend you leave your vehicle at our Rainham garage overnight for thorough car servicing. Choose Motor Mobile for MOT tests and you can rest easy that if anything should go wrong, you won’t be kept off the road a second longer than you absolutely have to.

My vehicle is making a strange sound. What should I do?

If there’s a loud, unidentified sound emanating from your vehicle, we’d urge you not to drive it anywhere and to give our Rainham based garage services provider a call for fast and accurate vehicle diagnostics. We can send out an expert mechanic to wherever you are, and they’ll use a combination of vehicle diagnostics equipment and expert knowhow to determine the cause of the problem. The most common noises people hear are:

  • Clunking Sound When Breaking – Usually a sign of worn steering components, or that the brake disc isn’t mounted properly.
  • Brakes Squealing When Applied – Most often a case of worn or dirty brake pads/shoes.
  • Grinding When Shifting Gears – Usually a worn clutch that needs to be replaced, or a damaged transmission.
  • Squealing During Acceleration – Slipping or loose drive belts, or drive pulleys being misaligned.
  • Clicking Sound When Braking/Turning – Usually a case of worn steering components or damaged brake hardware.
  • Popping from Exhaust – This is typically down to your fuel injectors leaking or a hole/leak in the exhaust.
  • Scraping Noise When Braking – Badly worn brake shoes or a distorted brake drum.
  • Popping from Engine – Could be a number of things (dirty air filter, worn spark plugs, ignition problem, clogged fuel filter, clogged catalytic converter, carburettor has faulty pump or power circuit). This often calls for advanced diagnostics at our garage.

Obviously, this is just a selection of the noises people can hear with their vehicles, there are a whole lot more we run into when carrying out our expansive range of garage services! Often times, to amend issues like the above, we’ll be able to quickly carry out a run-of-the-mill car repair without having to bring your vehicle in to our garage in Rainham. Other times, the noise isn’t something to be hugely worried about, and just signals you need to invest in a quality car servicing at some point in the near future.


If it’s a significant and potentially dangerous issue, we’ll take your vehicle to our garage for more extensive car repair, keeping you informed every step of the way on the problem and your vehicle’s status. Don’t put off calling us in, if it comes time for your MOT test and we find a major problem, you’ll be annoyed you didn’t listen to your car’s rather noisy warnings!

How often should I have my cambelt renewed?

This depends on the vehicle you drive, and should be specified in your vehicle’s manual. We find that most Rainham motorists have their cambelt replaced every 40,000 miles to 60,000 miles. Replacing it early will do no harm; if you’ve bought a second hand car and are unsure when the owner last replaced theirs, our garage can quickly check its condition via vehicle diagnostics, and provide advice on the matter.


Keep in mind that cambelt failures can cause extensive engine damage that can’t always be fixed via car repair. You may end up forking out for a new engine entirely. So it pays to ensure you keep your cambelt regularly renewed. For us this, is one of the most run of the mill garage services we provide the Rainham area.

How often should I invest in car servicing?

As with cambelt replacement, how often you should be coming in for car servicing really depends on the vehicle you’re driving. Your manufacturer will have a recommendation, usually taking the form of a “X miles or Y months, whichever comes first” format. If you are a high mileage driver, you’ll need car servicing more often than someone who only uses their vehicle from time to time. If you’re unsure when to book car servicing, a bit before you’re due MOT tests is a good idea, as it will help ensure you pass first time around due to the vehicle diagnostics involved in the process.


In addition to our standard car servicing, our garage also offers Rainham motorists air conditioning servicing. Most experts recommend you have your air conditioning serviced once a year (if you drive over 24,000 miles annually), or once every 18 months to 2 years (if you drive closer to the 12,000 mile mark). Air conditioning servicing will ensure you’re A/C runs optimally, and flush your system of any dirt or germs that have built up in it over time

Are the parts you use for car repair guaranteed?

Yes. Our garage will only use high-quality parts for all aspects of car repair; each comes with a 12 month guarantee.

Have a different query regarding the car repair, car servicing and MOT tests we offer the Rainham area? Call the Motor Mobile team on 01634 377 229 or 07860 780 116.