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Most common automotive difficulties can be easily, cheaply rectified by a reputable car repair / car servicing garage like ours in Rainham, just a short drive from Gillingham. But there’s one key component, the most vital in any automobile, that can be expensive to fix when damaged – the engine. That’s why it’s vital you look after it and pay attention to any signs that it might be experiencing an issue. This way our mechanics can nip the problem in the bud before it causes wider damage to your vehicle. In this blog post, for the benefit of our Gillingham clients, we’ve jotted down some tips that should help you avoid suffering any major engine faults.

Tips to Prevent Major Engine Faults

Ensure Oil is Regularly Replaced – Oil has a massively important role in the wellbeing of your engine, lubricating its parts and preventing them from overheating. While you should check your manufacturer’s handbook to see how often an oil change is recommended, you should be thinking about it every 5,000 miles or so. Gillingham motorists can get their oil changed during interim and annual car servicing at our Rainham garage, but those who drive for a living or are constantly heading cross-country, may wish to get oil changes between these appointments. Don’t forget to, or you’re making yourself far more likely to need car repair in the near future.


Check Cooling Components – But oil by itself won’t keep an engine running nice and cool. Your vehicle will utilise a radiator, water pump, coolant liquid and thermostat to monitor and regulate your engine’s heat. As they fulfil such an important purpose, we recommend our Gillingham customers check their radiator’s fluid level regularly, to ensure it isn’t running low. This is very easy to do on a DIY basis, and there are many guides online that explain it in simple and easy terms. To keep other cooling components in check, come in for regular car servicing and invest in any necessarily minor car repairs as and when required.


Clean Air Filters – These essential safeguards prevent outside objects like bugs, dirt or foliage from getting into your engine. Like a water filter, or any other filter for that matter, they can get blocked over an extended period of time and negatively affect your engine’s performance. Eventually, they will need replacing. We’d recommend that Gillingham clients leave this aspect of car repair / car servicing to the experts at our garage, unless they have relevant experience within the automotive trade.


Identify Leaks Early on – An oil or coolant leak is very easy to spot, even if you don’t necessarily know what you’re looking for; a pool of liquid underneath your vehicle sticks out a bit. Still, it pays to keep your eyes peeled and pay attention to any pungent aromas emerging when you enter or exit your vehicle. It could be that there’s a leak occurring just out of sight, under the chassis of your vehicle. If you do notice one, visit us for car repair or car servicing. A leak can lead to your oil or coolant running out, causing engine overheating or unintended friction between parts.


Don’t Let Your Tank Run Empty – Over years of driving, a lot of sediment and gunk is likely to accumulate in your fuel tank. Naturally, this sinks to the bottom. If you let your vehicle fuel level run extremely low or empty, a lot of this rubbish can make its way into your engine. It’s a much better idea to keep your tank at least a third filled at all times.


That’s not all that Gillingham motorists can do to prevent engine difficulties, however. Here are a few other tips worth taking on board:


  • Get old spark plugs and wires changed every 30,000 miles or so
  • Drive at a consistent pace whenever possible
  • Invest in regular car servicing to ensure your fuel filters are changed
  • Pay attention to dashboard warning lights and visit a garage if they illuminate


Remember, if you do experience engine difficulty, it’s not the end of the world. Visit our garage or have us visit your home/place of work around Gillingham, and we’ll run diagnostics to figure out exactly what the problem is. Our car repair and car servicing solutions are always competitively price; as an independent garage we can set our own prices and don’t have to listen to “corporate HQ”.

For affordable car repair, car servicing or MOT testing in the Gillingham area, call Motor Mobile on 07860 780 116.